Hi. My name is Kameron.

I’m a homeschooling dad with a dream for more — more connection, community, and collaboration.

I want an alternative to an outdated model of education where learning has little context and we can often feel more like cogs in a machine than human beings. I want an educational model with the capacity to see and treat us all — students and teachers — as infinite realms of possibility.
I chose to homeschool because I want more for my kids and those whom their lives touch. Rather than a simulated experience in a classroom, I want an education with the flexibility to engage and navigate the real world right now. I want an education to embrace the formation of the inner person of our children with a supportive and courageous love.
I want our education to help create a better world.

As an individual, this dream is a mountain. But together as an inclusive community, this is a mountain we can move.

As both teacher and parent, continually giving your best to your kids day after day can feel exhausting and isolating. But what if you could get feedback and encouragement outside your kids’ limited perspective? What if you could get the inspiration and motivation you need to put your all into one more day? Honestly sharing your struggles tends to lighten everyone’s burdens and freely sharing your joys almost always multiples everyone else’s joy too.

Imagine a supportive culture for collaborative projects, shared field trips, and playful meet-ups.

This site is my open prayer, one more step towards a dream to find, connect, and work with a diverse group of other homeschooling families interested in reimagining the possibilities of life together.
These are the stories of our adventures.