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Nobody is the Parent They Want to Be, But We Can Still Be the Parent Our Kids Need

Being a parent is tough.

Parenting is the hard work of facing yourself and growing beyond your fears, doubts, and insecurities.

Like the cocoon before the butterfly, parenthood is an intense transformational phase of life. You cannot stay the same you entered into it — it changes you — for better or for worse.
Unfortunately for many of us, we fear it’s the latter.
Perhaps the inspiration that once flooded our veins the first time we held our newborn children is worn down over the years with the monotony of daily responsibilities. Perhaps when we imagined the kind of parents we wanted to be and the ones we are becoming, there’s a gap.
No one measures up to their own expectations.
None of us escape parenthood intact. It breaks us all down. But this is not a sign of failure. The struggle is not something to feel ashamed about, to judge yourself over or to fear judgment from anybody else. Everybody has a mountain to climb. Difficulty is proof of life. When we come to a rough patch, it’s a sign this amazing transformational process has already begun. Something new is now breaking through.

“Vulnerability isn’t so much about allowing others in as it is about letting you out.”

– Brian Andreas

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